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Epic announces Infinity Blade

Epic Games has announced its first iPhone game will now be called Infinity Blade. The title was previously known as Project Sword, and will be the first game to use the iPhone version of Unreal Engine 3. A playable demo of what the engine is capable of was – entitled …

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3DS below Epics minimum specs

Mark Rein, the boss of developer Epic Games, has stated that as far as he’s aware the 3DS is not powerful enough to port over any version of the studio’s Unreal Engine. This is particularly interesting as Epic’s first iPhone title, Epic Citadel, was released on iPhone last month, blowing …

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Downloads of Epic Citadel hit 1m

Epic Games’ first foray into the App Store business has returned some positive numbers. The company’s vice president Mark Rein has revealed that Epic Citadel – the group’s debut iPhone and iPad app – has been downloaded over a million times. Epic Citadel is a public tech demo of the …

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