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ANALYSIS: Xbox One – How Microsoft might positively reposition pre-owned games

Yes, that’s right. A headline with ‘Xbox One’ ‘positive’ and ‘pre-owned’ all at once. Am I crazy? You may well conclude after reading this that I am. And certainly, you’ll have little cause to expect much sense from the second-hand game storm surrounding Microsoft’s ambitious new Xbox One console. So …

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NPD: Core gamers still support retail, prefer used games over digital

New NPD data shows that while core gamers are embracing digital distribution, the method hasn’t overtaken purchasing new and used physical copies of titles at retail. The analysis group’s survey found that while 70 per cent of respondents purchase full digital titles frequently, a higher percentage prefer heading to the …

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No pre-owned block for PS4

Sony has confirmed that PlayStation 4 will not prevent consumers from playing second-hand games, silencing the rumours once and for all. Countless reports, rumours, and speculation pieces since March last year have suggested that the next generation Sony console will block second-hand games. But Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida …

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