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Everybody Plays launches ‘Ability Level’ guide for parents

A game’s front of box age rating warns parents about a title’s content, but figuring out what ability is required to play the game is altogether trickier. That’s a problem website Everybody Plays is hoping to address with the launch today of its new EPAL (Everybody Plays Ability Level) system. …

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Parents of underage kids who play 18-rated games could be reported to police

Headteachers from a group of schools in Cheshire have issued a warning to parents who allow their children to play violent 18-rated video games. The Guardian reports that the Nantwich Education Partnership says it will inform the police of parents who allow their sometimes primary aged kids to play games …

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"It’s time to stop pointing fingers at games"

Games industry representative and trade body UKIE has hit back at The Mirror’s headline blaming Call of Duty for a US Navy base massacre. The story ‘Driven to Kill by Call of Duty?’ says that Aaron Alexis went on a gun rampage after becoming addicted to violent video games. But …

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