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Handheld gaming is not a ‘huge market opportunity’ says Sony

Sony CEO Andrew House voiced his concerns about the potential of handheld gaming outside of Asia during the Tokyo Game Show last week, Bloomberg reports. We have not seen that as being a huge market opportunity,” he said, specifically referring to handheld consoles’ potential outside of Asia. He admitted though …

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From Vita to PS4: Sony on Gravity Rush 2

When Gravity Rush released in 2012, it was considered by many as one of the Vita’s best games. With a Metacritic score of 83, it’s been seen by some as a flagship title for the now-fading platform. It’s no surprise, then, that Sony decided to launch a remastered version on …

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Tretton: Vita was great but arrived too late

Ex-Sony Computer Entertainment America boss Jack Tretton has weighed in on the performance of the company’s handheld console, PlayStation Vita. Speaking on IGN’s Unfiltered show, the former Sony exec said that internally, the Vita console was viewed as a great device but by the time it hit shelves the market …

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Salt and Sanctuary dev: I hate seeing the industry becoming such a toxic place

Ska Studios has in a defence of the delayed arrival of its game Salt and Sanctuary on PlayStation Vita lamented what it sees as the largely modern toxic games fanbase. I’m going to delete any post berating us for not having the Vita port done. I’m working on the Japanese …

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Marvelous delays Vita release Uppers due to low pre-orders

Japanese developer Marvelous has postponed the release of an upcoming Vita game because it is concerned there is not enough interest to make it financially viable. Siliconera reports that Uppers was due for release on April 21st, but producer Kenichiro Takaki has confirmed that pre-orders were so low the company …

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Hitman Go has PS4 and PC release in its sights

Agent 47’s mobile spin-off Hitman Go will be released on PS4, Vita PC next week. The PlayStation SKUs will support cross-play and cross-save, as well as Trophies. The Steam release will offer trading cards, cloud saves and Steam achievements. We’re bringing our turn-based strategy/puzzle Hitman game to a completely new …

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