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How do you test a game like Project Cars 2?

Even if you know how a car drives, would you know what to test to make sure a videogame captured it accurately? Sean Cleaver speaks to Slightly Mad Studios’ Stephen Viljoen and Rod Chong about how Project Cars 2 ‘handles’ the pressure of getting the worlds most exclusive vehicles accurate

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Advir: VR and in-app advertising

With any new medium, advertising causes economic growth. With VR however, that’s harder to accomplish in a non-intrusive way. Develop speaks with Advir CEO, Samuel Huber, to see how the company is working around the issue

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Opinion: The ‘Holy Grail’ of Social VR

Developers are still figuring out the virtual reality market, just as users are figuring out how it fits into their lives. Tanguy Dewavrin, CEO of social VR company Atom Republic, discusses VR’s social potential

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