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Warface to get battle royale mode

It’s been a week or since a shooter has revealed its own battle royale mode, but to save us from panic, Crytek’s Warface has announced it’s own fight-to-the-death-with-scavenged-weapons ‘em up mode that will enter the Warface with the next update. Warface’s update seems to include all of the staples of …

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Now Warface is getting a Battle Royale mode

The race to integrate 2017’s hottest game mode into every online title under the sun is on. Crytek’s Warface is following in the footsteps of Epic’s Fortnite by adding a battle royale mode to the free-to-play shooter in its next update. In an even bolder act of brinkmanship, the map …

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Warface to be published by My.com from February

Crytek’s Warface has a new publisher for Europe and North America. Starting from February 2017, the first-person-shooter will be published by My.com in the above territories. Crytek, meanwhile, will remain in charge of updates as well as its ongoing support. With My.com taking over all publishing and operations duties, the …

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Crytek partners with ESL for Warface eSports

Crytek and ESL have partnered in order to run Warface eSports competitions. The free to play shooter from Crytek will become a part of ESL’s Go4 series, which sees many other games run weekly competitions with a monthly final. This will be the case for Warface when the Go4Warface tournament …

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Crytek is closing Warface on Xbox 360

Just eight months after going live, Crytek has announced that it is calling time on the Xbox 360 version of free-to-play shooter Warface. The game will be shut down proper on February 1st, although it has already been closed to new players. Players are also no longer able to buy …

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