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History Lesson: The story of Deus Ex

Before Deus Ex, there were games about stealth and titles about shooting but rarely did these styles cross over. This was a fact that made Deus Ex creator Warren Spector desire for a more open and realistic style of game – where the player had the option to burst in …

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‘Triple-A development is stagnant’, Warren Spector says

On the eve of hisreturnto full-time development, Warren Spector has issued a manifesto of sorts about the shape of triple-A game development. The Deus Ex, Epic Mickey and System Shock creator toldGamasutrathat coming up with more realistic character behaviours and allowing players to form their own narrative through emergent storytelling …

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Warren Spector returns to development, leading System Shock 3 team

The man behind some of the most iconic PC games of the 1990s is to work on a follow-up to one of his most influential projects. Designer Warren Spector helped craft franchises including Wing Commander, Thief and, most notably, Deus Ex. He also served as the producer of System Shock, …

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Sony: VR is not the next 3D TV; Spector: VR is a fad

It seems that for every critic declaring virtual reality to be the next major entertainment development, there’s another dismissing it as a flash in the pan. Who is right? It will be several years before we know for sure, but Sony studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has dismissed those who predict …

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