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Microsoft predicted to sell Xbox division "to someone like Sony"

A US business analyst has claimed that Microsoft’s inability to adapt to market changes means that its failure is already inevitable”. And chief amongst the victims of this downfall will be its entertainment division, which is of course home to Xbox. The entertainment division will be spun off, sold to …

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60m sales and counting for Windows 8

Microsoft has sold in excess of 60m Windows 8 licenses in the ten weeks wince the operating system was launched. 40m licenses were shifted in the first month. That puts the pace of sales roughly in line with those of its predecessor Windows 7. This [number] represents the cumulative sales …

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Razer details its upcoming gaming tablet

PC peripheral firm Razer has at last detailed its gaming tablet, which is now going under the name of ‘Edge’. It was first revealed a year ago under the name Project Fiona. The high-end device will run Windows 8. At the heart of it is a standard tablet that can …

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