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Latest Windows Phone 7 update rollout begins

Microsoft has begun rolling out Windows Phone updates to the new 7.5 ‘Mango’ version in a process that isn’t expected to be complete until the end of October. Introduced back in May, the new features of Mango include improved social networking integration and the ability to translate text from the …

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New Xbox features added to Windows Phone 7

GAMESCOM:Microsoft is planning more new features for the Games Hub in its Windows Phone Mango software update. The new features include in-app purchases for games, or ‘Game Add-ons’ as Microsoft is calling them. New Windows Phone title Beards & Beaks will be the first to benefit, with players able to …

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Cave to release new Windows Phone 7 shooter

Famed 2D shooter studio Cave is to build games for Windows Phone 7, the studio has announced. The Tokyo-based Dodonpachi developer has already embraced the smartphone platforms by porting several champion games to Apple’s iOS platform. Now, according to a report translated byAndriasang, the longstanding studio is building content for …

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