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iOS shipments overtook Windows last year as PC shipments suffer record decline

There were more Apple iOS devices than Windows devices shipped in 2015. It’s the first time ever that iOS has outsold Windows in a calendar year, according to Asymco, with 290m iOS devices (as well as 10m Macs) shipped versus 275m Windows machines. That latter number was down from 300m …

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How Windows 10 and Cortana are bringing speech recognition to games

No longer just the Master Chief’s AI buddy, Cortana is rapidly becoming a complex and multi-talented virtual assistant. Her applications for general PC and mobile use are well known, but Microsoft is keen to educate developers on how she can be used in games. James Batchelor finds out more

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Games performing far worse on SteamOS than Windows

Steam machines are finally upon us, but a new report paints a grim picture of their actual gaming performance. Ars Technica has found that 3D games are in terms of frames per second typically performing between 21 per cent and 58 per cent worse on Valve’s custom Linux-based SteamOS than …

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