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Samsung partners with Xbox One X for exclusive US marketing and retail deal

The US branch of Samsung is teaming up with Xbox for an exclusive marketing and retail partnership around the Xbox One X, the electronics manufacturer has announced. The deal will see Samsung’s flagship line of QLED TVs become the official 4K TV partner for the console, allowing gamers to experience …

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Microsoft officially stops production of original Xbox One

Microsoft has officially ceased production of the original Xbox One, leaving the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X as the only remaining consoles in its line-up currently being made. Speaking to Glixel,a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed: "We stopped manufacturing the original Xbox One when we introduced the Xbox One …

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Xbox One X is Microsoft’s fastest-selling Xbox pre-order

The Xbox One X has become the fastest selling Xbox pre-order in Microsoft’s history, according to the platform holder. Pre-orders opened on Sunday August 20th just before Gamescom, and the Project Scorpio launch edition of the console is already sold out in several territories, says Microsoft. Another round of pre-orders …

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