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Take-Two shares fall

Shares in publisher Take-Two have fallen by four per cent meaning that since mid May the company has lost over 15 per cent of its overall value.

Market Watch says that despite nearing 1m unit sales in the US alone, recent Rockstar release LA Noire has failed to meet sales expectations and is one cause for the slump.

Traders are of the opinion that its 900k sales compare badly to last year’s Red Dead Redemption, which sold 1.5m units in the same period.

The other is the critical reaction to Duke Nukem Forever, which has already lead to controversy in the US. No doubt the drop was not helped by the Grand Theft Auto V no-show at E3 last week.

Ironically, the news follows a prolonged period of success in the UK. LA Noire recently topped the UK charts for three weeks in a row and was only displaced when fellow Take-Two release Duke Nukem Forever arrived last weekend.

The news comes amidst ongoing rumours of a possible acquisition of the company.

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