Team Faceless disband after failing to qualify for Dota 2 The International tournament

It’s long been said that only two things are a constant in life: death and taxes. Since Dota 2’s pro scene has started to pivot around the gargantuan The International event in Seattle each year, you could add ‘Dota 2 teams disbanding in the wake of The International’ to the list. 

This year, the first big name team to disband is Team Faceless, who missed out of a qualifying spot for The International despite a strong season. This news has been broken by the team’s manager FaceTammy ‘Furryfish’ Tang, who announced the break-up on her Twitch stream. 

This was spotted by Dot Esports.

On her stream, Tang said: "When they started, Daryl already said that it’s just going to be a team of friends, and that the plan is to just do the one calendar year of Dota 2—TI to TI," Tang explained. "So it’s not surprising that they’re not together anymore."

Over the past year, Team Faceless were well regarded in the SEA region, despite a few flaky results. They won around $250,000 throughout the year, with a roster consisting of Daryl ‘iceiceice’ Koh Pei Xiang, Dominic ‘Black’ Reitmeier in addition to Toh ‘xy-’ Wai Hong, Anucha ‘Jabz’ Jirawong and Wong ‘NutZ’ Jeng Yih. 

No future teams for the group have been announced, but as several Dota teams form, disband or shuffle their rosters in the aftermath of The International, so it’s unlikely we’ll find a destination for the newly unattached players until the dust has settled in August. 

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