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The Amazon Fire Phone is no more

The ill-fated experiment otherwise known as the Amazon Fire Phone is now over.

The Verge reports that Amazon has confirmed that it has sold through its entire Fire Phone inventory across the globe and that it has no plans to replenish [it]”. In other words, it’s not going to build any more.

Amazon unveiled the Fire Phone in June 2014, but critics were quick to round on the device amidst accusations that it was effectively little more than an expensive way to more easily spend money with the retailer.

Early sales were incredibly poor, leading to a shocking quarter for the company and the admission that it was vastly over-priced. However, despite making it free with plenty of carriers, its fortunes were never reversed.

In the wake of the Fire Phone’s failure Amazon has, despite the success of the Kindle, significantly re-organised its hardware lab and cut a number of its engineers.

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