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Legal saga comes to an end two years after Mobigames and EA cases

Tim Langdell’s ‘Edge’ trademark revoked

The US Patent and Trademarks department has finally removed the ‘Edge’ from Tim Langdell’s trademark bullying scheme.

Two and a half years after a U.S. District Court Judge ruled they were no longer valid, Commissioner for Trademarks Deborah S. Cohn signed a legal notice canceling the trademarks on the phrases “The Edge”, “Edge, “Cutting Edge”, and “Gamer’s Edge”.

Langdell is known for using these trademarks to file suits against any video game related company that used any of these phrases, including Mobigame, Namco, Sony, Future Publishing, and Marvel Entertainment.

His attempt to sue EA over the title of the first-person free-runner Mirror’s Edge proved disastrous for Langdell when the judge found his evidence to be fraudulent and declared his trademarks invalid.

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