Titanfall 2 has been officially announced, is multiplatform

Two years after we first learned that plans for the game were in place, Titanfall 2 has at last been officially announced.

All we have for now is a short teaser, pointing to a full reveal in June. What do we know for sure? That the game is in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC. And that the mechs will have swords.

Way back in March 2014 reports revealed that EA had signed the publishing rights for the game which, unlike its predecessor, would not be a console exclusive on Xbox – that, incidentally, was a decision that was made without the knowledge of developer Respawn.

EA then started officially discussing the title a year later, shortly followed by Respawn itself. Then early this year Respawn began hiring specifically for the shooter, after which it was revealed that the game will, unlike its predecessor, feature a ‘proper’ single-player mode.

Respawn has previously announced that it is working with Nexon to produce Titanfall titles for mobile.

Here’s the trailer:

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