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TRAILER: New characters revealed in Final Fantasy XV video

RPG fans were treated to a first glimpse at two new characters in Square Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy XV in a video released this weekend.

Shown off at Japanese anime convention Jump Festa 2015, the short reveals both popular summon Titan – who is now absolutely huge – and Cid. Versions of both have starred in previous Final Fantasy games, but both this time sport a brand new look – particularly Cid, who is now a female mechanic.

Final Fantasy XV, which promises to be the most action-orientated entry ever in the series, was announced at E3 2013 and had been scheduled for release in 2014.

It has been in development for over eight years and was at one stage scheduled to release under the name Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

A demo of the game going by the name Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae will be included with the first disc run and an unspecified number of digital downloads of the upcoming Final Fantasy Type-O HD.

Here’s the video:

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