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Turn your PlayStation TV into a really bad Vita

Had your eye on Vita but have decided you’re actually in the market for a handheld that isn’t as suave and accomplished? Today is your lucky day!

Engadget has word of a new device from GameTech entitled the DekaVita 7.

The largely rubber peripheral is designed to house a PlayStation TV. Once contained, the included screen allows users to sort of pretend their PS TV is a Vita. Albeit a large, ugly, seven-inch one made of rubber.

Of course, there’s no touch screen because the PS TV isn’t designed to operate in that way. And compatibility is limited to those games that Sony has ported to the device.

The DekaVita 7 will cost 23,000, which translates to around 126. Add the price of a PlayStation TV to that and you have something that is both immeasurably worse AND more expensive than Sony’s actual handheld.

There’s no word yet on a release outside of Japan and, frankly, we’re not sure we’d bet on it either.

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