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Twitch is now playing Pokémon Go

Having played numerous Pokmon games,Heathstone, Punch Club and even Dark Souls, Twitch is now playing Pokmon Go.

This sees viewers providing text-based inputs in the stream’s chat which are then translated into the game.

The developers have also ‘spoofed’ the game’s location to make it think it’s in New York’s Central Park. This is to get around the fact that Pokmon Go requires real life movement. The makers joked that it was being played by a phone glued to a roomba.

It hascapped player movement speed in order ‘to keep it as realistic as possible’.

The concept of ‘Twitch Plays’ rose to prominence at the start of 2014 with streamers playing Pokmon Red and Blue, as well as Super Mario Bros. ‘Twitch Plays’ has gone on to become its own section on the streaming service.

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