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‘Twitch Plays’ gets its own slot on streaming video service

Remember ‘Twitch plays Pokemon’? Now finding similar experiences is getting a whole lot easier with the addition of a new directory to the site.

The Twitch plays Pokemon phenomenon caused site-wide problems for Twitch last year as tens of thousands of viewers took part in a collaborative effort to complete Nintendo’s famous Game Boy RPG series – a goal it achieved over a year down the line.

More recently Twitch Plays, astonishingly, managed to beat Dark Souls, although only after the addition of a time delay mechanic saved it from a genuinely tortuous cycle of wall rolling, inventory kerfuffle and death. And just this week the developers of indie PC title Punch Club vowed to only release the game once it had been completed on Twitch Plays.

"The cascading creation of ideas inspired by Twitch Plays Pokemon has been the most rewarding part of having created the experience," said the still anonymous creator of the phenomenon. "Since the addition of a ‘Twitch Plays’ category will greatly improve their discoverability, I hope this further encourages people to make their own streams inspired by my channel."

Make sure to check out MCV’s interview with the Twitch plays Pokemon creator here, originally published back in March 2014.

"The Twitch community has consistently rallied behind organically created Twitch Plays games, with the trend growing rather than subsiding,” VP of developer success at Twitch Kathy Astromoff added. Making it easier for prospective players to find Twitch Plays games drives developer success, and encourages new developers to begin experimenting.

Twitch Plays are just one of the myriad ways developers can discover new users and build stronger engagement with the Twitch community.”

It feels only right to mention Fish Plays Pokemon at this point because, well, it’s a fish. Called Grayson. Playing Pokemon.

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