Twitch rebrands and enhances the Curse desktop communication app

Twitch has announced that the Curse desktop app will be rebranded to the Twitch desktop app and a ton of new features are being added. 

The app, which will go into beta on March 16th, will make communication between Twitch users incredible easy, with voice and video calls and text chat, a server browser across multiple titles and a mod manager. The app will also be the launcher for any games purchased through Twitch when that feature launches later this year. 

“Since the Twitch community thrives on building solid and meaningful connections with each other, we have been hard at work building products that address this need,” said Emmett Shear, CEO, Twitch. “The Twitch Desktop App–which features all of the elements people love about the Curse app, such as screen sharing, voice and video calling, and community server creation–is now bolstered by Twitch features. This includes Friends, Whispers, activity sharing, and will soon serve as a game library for purchases fulfilled by Twitch. The result is a one-stop shop for connecting members of our community.”

The app seems to be the latest step in Twitch’s mission to take on Steam, and create a single place for all PC gamers to communicate. 

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