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Two-factor authentication coming to PlayStation Network

Sony is soon going to be providing gamers with an extra layer of security for PSN accounts.

Speaking to Polygon, a representative for PlayStation said that the firm is preparing to roll out a ‘two-step verification feature’.

Two-factor authentication is a security measure that requires users to enter two different bits of information in order to login to your account. Generally the first is your login details; the second is additional information such as an ever-changing code on a mobile app or one sent to your phone via text.

The spokesperson was not able give any concrete time frame but said that more details were forthcoming. However, consumers who have updated their PS3’s firmware to 4.80 and who have entered their login information incorrectly have noticed references to ‘two-step verification, so expect an update on this matter soon.

PlayStation has come under fire in the past for its security measures on PSN. Just last year, the company was subject to investigation on consumer rights programme Watchdog after fraudulent purchases were made on two consumer’s PSN accounts. Sony initially refused them a refund, but following the BBC’s broadcast said it reimbersed both customers.

Sony’s introducing of two-factor verification brings it in line with the security measures seen on most online services in games. Valve introduced its two-step verification Steam Guard app last year, while Xbox Live and Battle.net offer similar protection.

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