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Ubisoft: Next-gen should come sooner rather later

The next iterations of PlayStation and Xbox hardware can’t come soon enough, according to the UK boss of publisher Ubisoft.

When asked by an interview with MCV when he thinks new hardware might be debuted to the public, Rob Cooper replied: "I’ll leave that up to Microsoft and Sony to say for certain.

"But I’d echo something Yves said earlier this year: there have been tons of technological advances since the last round of consoles was released, and we’d love to see those advances included in new consoles sooner rather than later.

"That’s because the sooner we have the next generation of consoles to build on, the sooner we can leverage those advances to create the next generation of video games.

"The peripherals and the updates to the existing generation have been great, but it’s typically new consoles that really spark innovation from publishers and the demand from customers."

To read the full interview with Rob Cooper wither check out this week’s edition of MCV magazine or head over to our online features section on Monday.

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