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New voice-controlled Tom Clancy game uses VoiceIn

Ubisoft to use Fonix tech for EndWars

Ubisoft’s upcoming Tom Clancy EndWar has been touted as an ‘innovative new title’ thanks to its use of voice control, but until now it has been unclear how, technologically, the firm plans to implement the design – however today the company has announced it has licenced Fonix’ VoiceIn.

The speech recognition and text-to-speech technology will be used to drive gameplay in the console and PC RTS.

"Ubisoft chose Fonix speech software for its convenient user interface, low memory and processing power requirements, and perhaps – most significantly – for its cross-platform availability. Having a cross-platform tool was very important to our development team," commented Vincent Greco, worldwide technical coordinator at Ubisoft. "Fonix VoiceIn provided us with a unique set of tools for game development across multiple platforms.

"The results thus far have been tremendous. The voice command and voice recognition interface in EndWar greatly enhances user experience by allowing the user to effectively issue verbal commands across all of the game’s available platforms."

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