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UK retail demands more games in 2015

Of all the things that retailers want in 2015, their number one desire is for more games.

28 per cent of the stores MCV spoke to for our retail survey said that the thing it wanted most in 2015 was for some actual software to sell.

This comes after a sparse year for game releases. There were just a handful of blockbuster launches, and next to no games came out between May and September.

Other top requests from stores included more game-related merchandise and ‘software that actually works’.

For the rest of the findings from our annual retail survey of more than 100 UK indie, mainstream, specialist and online outlets, including which games UK retail is looking forward to next year, which game was this year’s biggest hit and which platform – PS4 or Xbox One – they think will come out on top during 2015, see the full results here.

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