Blizzard scoring error costs Hearthstone pro a HCT Spring Playoff place

Last week, it was revealed that a Blizzard scoring error cost Peter ‘Gaara’ Stevanovic a spot at the HCT Spring Playoffs.

It was an unfortunate situation. Stevanovic took to video late last week to reveal that, although he initially believed he had enough points to qualify, a Blizzard error had added a single point to his total. The problem is a simple error: a player with the same name as Stevanovic earned a point that was incorrectly assigned to him.

Because he thought his points title was good enough for a HCT qualification, he believed he was safe and didn’t challenge for any last minute points. After the deadline for qualification, he was docked the point as Blizzard cleared up its mistake, but it meant that Stevanovic didn’t qualify for the HCT Spring Playoffs as it initially appeared.

After the video, Blizzard got in touch with Stevanovic. He wouldn’t be allowed to compete in the playoffs — reasonable, as he didn’t actually qualify — but they would give him 100 Journey to Un’Goro packs to apologise, and a ticket to Blizzcon in November. If he can’t make Blizzcon, Blizzard will give him $200 in Blizzard credit.

It’s likely to be a disappointment for Stevanovic, but there’s always next season. It’s an unfortunate error, and one that can now be prevented from happening again in the future.

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