Crystal Palace owners consolidate Team Dignitas into new company

Team Dignitas is among a number of sports assets that have been consolidated into a single holding company by its owners Josh Harris and David Blitzer.

Harris and Blitzer also own the likes of the Premier League’s Crystal Palace, the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers and NHL’s New Jersey Devils. The pair acquired Team Dignitas in late 2016.

EsportsInsider reports that the new holding company will be used as a vehicle for further esports investment.

“As we continue to expand our scope in the world of professional sports and entertainment, we’re excited to launch Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment,” Harris said. “We believe this endeavour allows us to continue to grow strategically and innovatively.”

Blitzer added: “We take pride in hiring the best and brightest talent from a variety of backgrounds and industries with the goal of shaping a well-rounded, dynamic organization. HBSE provides a unique opportunity to harness the power of our talented management team and our shared resources to fuel growth and expansion, and a means to accelerate and sustain long-term success.”

A number of sports executives, including Chris Heck, Lara Price, Adam Davis, Jake Reynolds and Katie O’Reilly have also been promoted. Scott O’Neil has been named as the new CEO.

“Led by a visionary and progressive ownership group, our organization is built on the foundation of an incredible culture, a committed team of talented people, and innovative thinking,” O’Neil said.

“Our growth mindset, coupled with our focus on leveraging our access, reach and resources to make our communities stronger, continues to differentiate us in the landscape of sports and entertainment. This commitment to growth, which started with the acquisition of the Philadelphia 76ers, has quickly emerged as a growing and dynamic sports and entertainment company. The formation of HBSE is a signal that this is just the beginning to an incredible future.”

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