Halo Championship Series changes are coming, based on fan feedback to preview

The Halo Championship Series (HCS) Summer Preview playlist left fans disappointed, but the team behind the HCS have come forwards already, announcing a whole raft of changes for the summer season. 

The new settings themselves were designed to counter critical feedback from players and fans from the last iteration, and it seems HCS are getting a bit of a trial by fire by irritated fans who want to remind them that successfully running an esport takes a lot of iteration. 

These changes have arrived quite quickly, showing hopefully that the team are serious about providing the most compelling action they can.

Anyway, here are some of the most important of those most recent changes: 

No more Covenant Carbine in map Truth

The team are getting rid of the pickup Covenant Carbine from Truth, after community feedback has highlight the Carbine’s long range effectiveness against unsuspecting targets. 

The weapon’s removal is part of an ongoing effort to pin down the balance on the map. For the time being, this means no Carbine, although the impact this has on the map will be evaluated, and there’s a chance the cheeky chappy might later reappear. 

Magnum ammo increase 

HCS ditched the Assault Rifle as a starter weapon after fan feedback, but these same fans then discovered that keeping the Magnum as the sole starter weapon meant that it was lacking the proper ammunition to continually engage. Starting rounds for the Magnum is now 60, which should be enough to enable small skirmishes as the teams push towards pickup weapons. 

“Tactical” Magnum added to Fathom map

This tricked-out Magnum has been added to Fathom. The magnum has a 2x scope and a silencer, meaning mid-range engagements with the pistol is possible, in addition to the silencer meaning those firing it won’t appear on a player’s radar. 

It’ll spawn in the "tree house" on both Red and Blue sides of the map. It has a respawn timer of 40 seconds. 

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