Krakow Major organisers PGL rule that academy & parent teams can compete, as long as they use different branding

Counter-Strike organisations will be allowed to field two teams in the upcoming Krakow Major and qualifying events, as long as they have unique branding.

Recently, Riot Games ruled that multiple-ownership of teams was not okay, and that organisations that might be in a position to face off against each other would have to sell their academy team, and one organisation cannot have two teams in a top-tier league run by Riot, even if the teams compete in different regions. however PGL, the organisers of the Krakow Major, has said that academy teams are a-okay, as long as they have their own logo and name.

PGL has seen calls to deal with the issue of multiple-ownership as Team Spirit and Team Spirit’s academy team are both down to compete in the CIS Minor, where two winners will advance to the Major qualifier. Fnatic’s academy team also competing with the possibility of entry to the Krakow Major, where Fnatic themselves have already qualified.

If academy and parent teams clash it could create concerns about impropriety when they clash, and physical sports near-uniformly ban academy and parent teams from competing, in addition to several esports organisations.

The rise in frequency of multiple-ownership teams means that this is likely an issue that will come up again and again, but for now, PGL have ruled no foul.

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