NRG Esports fires Max Bateman following sexual assault allegations

NRG Esports has announced that manager Max Bateman has been fired after a Twitch streamer accused him of sexual assault.

NRG CEO Andy Miller has confirmed that “Max Bateman will no longer be employed by the organization… in accordance with NRG ESports zero tolerance policy”.

Streamer Dezaray Luna, who describes Bateman as one of her closest friends, alleges that the incident took place at his house after an evening when the pair had been drinking with the NRG players. She was said to be passing in and out of consciousness at the time.

Bateman does not deny the allegations in photos of text message exchanges between the pair.

“Being best friends with someone means trusting them with your entire heart. It seems so surreal to be putting this out into the world, I never thought that this would happen to me, especially by one of my closest friends,” she wrote.

“I’m embarrassed to admit this happened to me even though I know I shouldn’t be. Since we were so close we happen to have a lot of mutual friends and I’m posting this in hopes it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

“Sexual assault is a serious issue and an act of violence. It’s more common than we think and some people are too scared or ashamed to say anything; OR some people think nothing wrong had happened because you were dating or best friends. People who had it happen to them shouldn’t be afraid of speaking up.”

The news comes as women across the world are becoming increasingly empowered to speak out about sexual harassment.

The movement started after the revelations about movie producer Harvey Weinstein rocked Hollywood. In the weeks that have followed several men have been accused of misconduct, including actors Kevin Spacey and Ben Affleck, screenwriter James Toback, former US president George W Bush and former Conservative defence minister Michael Fallon.

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