Rainbow Six Siege will get no new content in Y2S2 as team focus on health

Ubisoft Montreal have announced that the second season of Rainbow Six Siege’s year two content will be delayed, meaning the Hong-Kong operators and map will be introduced in Season 3, in order for the team to focus on game health issues.

This is the first time Rainbow Six Siege has missed a content drop since launch, with the team typically pushing a new map and pair of operators every three months.

Season 2, however, will now be referred to as Operation Health with no new content and the goal stated to overhaul the technical side of the game so that it’s more stable and fair for players.

According to Alexandre Remy, the game’s director, there are three main pillars for operation health: “Pillar one is technological improvements, so everything the relies on matchmaking, hit registration, and connectivity. That’s the absolute priority for us, as well as for the players, and we’re really going to make a big, big push throughout the whole season with one-step matchmaking and better servers.”

“The second pillar of Operation Health is switching over to a new deployment process, so that we are gradually deploying our patches, first on technical test servers, then on PC, and finally on console. This is to make sure that there are more safety nets, if you will, rather than pushing all of the content at the same time on every console. The last pillar is how we do bug fixes, whether that’s on operators or maps. The change is that we want to do smaller and shorter brackets of bug fixes, around five or ten in each sprint, instead of doing bigger updates that were sometimes causing more regressions.”

This is in line with what Remy said during a press briefing on Year 2 in Montreal this February. However, they hadn’t mentioned back then that they might be skipping a season to focus on fixing everything.

This has a knock-on effect to the rest of the year’s content. The Polish operators will now come bundled in with the other operators, one with Season 3 and the Hong Kong operators and one with the South Korean content in Season 4.

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