Who were the most valuable players from the Gfinity Elite Series? We ask the analysts and casters for their picks

The Gfinity Elite Series finals kick off tonight, with matches in Street Fighter V, Rocket League and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive being fought to decide the winners of the series. 

With the finals looming, Esports Pro reached out to some of the casting talent working on the show. Who has caught their eye throughout the series? 

Street Fighter V 

Femi ‘F-Word’ Ade: What a tough question. It would have been a lot easier had Infused not been eliminated in that shock semi-final upset, as they’ve had more collective “MVP of the Week” awards than any other team. But I can’t pick an MVP from a team that hasn’t made the grand finals. It has to be Hurricane for me — Infexious is a close second — but the importance of Hurricane’s wins and the manner in which he has achieved them has been second to none. Regardless of rounds won and lost, his “Matches Won” rate must be in the top 3 for the entire series

Logan Sama:For me it has to be Hurricane. He has one of, if not the best win/loss records across the whole event. He is very reliable and is the type of player you can rely on to do his job on the team and get those wins in! He is totally unphased by the big stage, and quite frankly I hope this leads to bigger things for him on a worldwide stage!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields: JACKZ ( Audric Jug) from EnVyUs Academy would be a good pick.  He’s been the engine of their success and has consistently brought good performances to the table.

Lauren ‘Pansy’ Scott: Looking back on the talent i managed to catch a glimpse of during the Gfinity Elite Series a few names stood out to me. Starting off with Smooya (Owen Butterfield), his reputation generally precedes him but he can certainly back it up with talent. Looking beyond the easy picks of the Epsilon team, Reason Gamings Tomas was an utter beast during their games, coming back from a Holiday and still being someone out performing most is certainly worth keeping an eye on. Generally speaking the UK scene is starting to grow and actually have some contenders

Rocket League

Callum "Shogun" Keir: I’d have to say Mognus (Joonas Salo).His shooting accuracy was sublime in the second half of the season and he helped make Method the most entertaining team to watch thanks to their effective offense. However the title of MVP usually goes to someone from the tournament winners, so maybe we’ll have a clear winner once it’s all said and done.

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