Stage set for $250,000 CS:GO show match between Virtus.Pro and Astralis

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ELEAGUE, an esports tournament operator that is run by Turner and IMG, has put $250,000 on the line in a show-match pitting current CS:GO Major champs Astralis up against runners-up

$250,000 show matches are a new concept for esports, more familiar to fans of Boxing or UFC bouts then the electronic battleground. To stick with the general boxing vibe, the best-of-three match-up has been titled “Clash for Cash: The Rematch.”

The CS:GO Major back in January was hosted by ELEAGUE and was the most-watched CS:GO tournament in history, clocking over a million concurrent viewers on Twitch, breaking records for the stream provider. It seems ELEAGUE are trying to create more content to create the gap until the next season, although the response to this announcement has been mixed.

The match will go down on June 16th, with the winner taking home the entire pot. It’ll be broadcast on Twitch, TBS and YouTube.