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'Scope and ambition' of game meant 'added pressure'

Uncharted 3 team claims ‘brutal crunch’

Members of the Naughty Dog team working on Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception have claimed that development of the triple-A title had a “brutal crunch”.

“It was pretty brutal this time around,” said cinematics animation lead Josh Scheer to GameTrailers.

“I mean, there’s always crunch. There’re always people putting in extra hours.

“But this time around, just because of the scope and the ambition of the game – even after we had gone back and shortened some things, trimmed some other things – there was just still a lot to do, in the amount of time we had to do it.”

Game director Justin Richmond added that there was added pressure in making such an ambitious game because there were “more languages than we have ever done before, both spoken and text translation”.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception has an average rating of 93 on Metacritic from 58 reviews.

The PS3 exclusive is out for release today in the US, and will be out in Europe on 2nd November.

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