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...and new licensees for the pathfinding and movement SDK

Updated PathEngine available…

PathEngine has released version 5.23.00 of its pathfinding and movement SDK, and at the same time, confirmed a new deal that will see a number of new studios harness the tech.

The new version of PathEngine offers a far more memory efficient 3D partitioning data structure, which promises to provide faster structure building and loading. Along with improvements to interface checking and position resolution, v5.23 also features a helper method that allows for stripping out those parts of a ground mesh not reachable from a specified set of ‘root’ positions.

Additionally, the improved SDK includes option to save out the partitioning and other mesh related data with the ground mesh file, and comes with code that runs the PathEngine 3D content processing functionality directly against PhysX or Havok scene data.

PathEngine’s new licensees are Gorilla Banana Entertainment, which is using the SDK for Red Blood Online, WeMade Entertainment, CDProject Red Studio, and B-Alive, which is returning to the tech for a new project.

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