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US: Analyst predicts Xbox 360 victory this Q4

Jesse Divinch of analyst firm Electronic Entertainment Design has said that Sony must seriously consider adjusting the RRP of PS3 this Q4 or else face the prospect of being beaten by Xbox 360 in the festive sales war.

Edge Online quotes Divinich as saying: Between Sony and Nintendo, Sony should be the most concerned about the 360’s price cut. Going into this holiday season, the PS3 will not only have the highest price point, but also the smallest software library, weaker line-up of exclusive titles and a less popular online network.

I suspect that the reason why Sony has been so adamant about maintaining its current price point is because it has not reached a more efficient scale in its manufacturing of the PS3.”

Divinich also had words or praise for Nintendo, who he believes has now reached an unassailable position: Nintendo need not worry about Microsoft, or anyone else for that matter. Nintendo will always be its own worst enemy in terms of keeping up with demand.

Nintendo has so much wiggle room on the Wii’s pricing that they will never be afraid of a competitor trying to use price as a differentiating feature.

If they ever felt threatened, they could drop the Wii down to $149 and destroy a competitors momentum. But in this particular case, Nintendo won’t feel too threatened by an Xbox 360 price drop.”

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