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Valve has redesigned the Steam Store front page

Shopping on Steam has been given a facelift thanks to what Steam is calling ‘The Discovery Update 2.0′.

On the face of it things don’t appear wildly different. Titles are presented slightly differently, with screenshots that enlarge when rolled over, while the sidebar provides faster and clearer access to a wider range of categories.

Recommendations are now apparently smarter, drawing on more data sources to provide more educated guesses and what titles might appeal. Users can tweak this, too, filtering out tags that they don’t feel are right for them. These preferences are carried over to the promotional sales lists, too.

Curation has been tweaked, too, allowing Curators to now say whether they are highlighting a game in endorsement or for other purposes. Friend Activity is now more prominently placed, too.

There’s a ton of information on all the changes here.

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