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New equipment captures 16 megapixels at 120 frames per second

Vicon launches T160 camera

Vicon has added a new camera, the T160, to its range of motion capture equipment.

Chief feature of the T160 is the custom-built Vicon Avalon sensor, which allows the camera to capture 16 megapixels of data at a rate of 120 frames per second, giving the T160 four times the resolution of any other motion capture camera available currently.

In order to support that thoroughput of data, the T160 has a Gigabit Ethernet interface, allowing transmission at 10x faster than the Vicon MX, facilitating multiple character capture. It also features 2D on-board tracking, which improves reconstruction and labelling especially in when capturing high-velocity movement.

“The T-Series has not just come about over night. It has taken years of research and development, and we’re all immensely proud of what has been achieved," said Nick Bolton, chief executive at Oxford Metrics Group, parent company of Vicon.

"No other motion capture camera on the market today can compare to the T-Series. It will enable our customers to capture the fastest details, the most accurate tracking and the subtlest movements in even the largest volume.”

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