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Yes, you read that correctly.

VIDEO: New Bossa game is a Bread RPG

Bossa Studios, the UK studio behind Surgeon Simulator, has unveiled it’s next project: the comical I Am Bread, in which players control a slice of bread.

The game was announced via Twitter with a triumphant "LOOK WHAT WE MADE" and first gameplay footage, which you can see below.

Continuing the exaggerated physics of Surgeon Simulator and following the success of bizarre titles such as Goat Simulator, I Am Bread lets players explore a typical home as a slice of bread that can stick to walls, pick up knives and stretch to reach places that are typically inaccessible to such foodstuffs.

The traditional health bar seems to have been replaced with ‘Edibility’, which players’ scores are ranked as ‘Deliciousness’.

Check out the first footage of I Am Bread below:

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