Below youâ??ll find footage of Dare to be Digitalâ??s three finalist games

VIDEO: The Ones to Watch nominees

An intense year for fourteen teams of aspiring game designers ended this week as Scottish group The Butterflyers picked up the BAFTA Ones to Watch award.

Below we’ve posted videos of the three finalists’ games in action, all of which were constructed in ten weeks at the renowned game industry-facing University of Abertay.


The Butterflyers, whose game SHRuNK! sees the player reduced to the size of a salt shaker as they battle against Dr Shockalot to rescue the Kleinoscope (a device which reduces the world around you at will), also won the Dare Teams choice award.

Quick as Thieves

Gentlemen of Fortune were also amongst the winners for their physics based action-stealth game Quick as Thieves, in which the player is challenged to navigate round their way around a museum at night to steal the valuable ‘Macguffin’. The more items the player can steal the greater their abilities. However, get greedy and there is a greater chance of being caught.

Colour Coded

Pixel Pirates were winners for their 3D platform, puzzle-based game Colour Coded which utilises Wacom graphics tablets.

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