VIDEO: Watch Dogs multiplayer trailer released, visuals ‘compare greatly’ to E3 reveal

Ubisoft’s creative director Jonathan Morin has said that Watch Dogs will ship with graphics comparable to those seen in the initial E3 reveal in 2012.

The assertion comes as Ubisoft continues to tackle perceptions that the game has experienced a graphical downgrading in the many months since its initial debut.

A new gameplay video, which you can see below, certainly looks the part and Morin has told Eurogamer that some of the interpretations he’s read online are wide of the mark.

"I think the game compares greatly to E3 2012 if you use the same weather at the same place at the same time," Morin said. "People are really responding to stuff like reflection, to rain, things like that – which is why we chose those settings for E3 2012 to show the full potential we can get.

"But it’s equally spectacular for me to look at twilight time with clouds and no shadow and it still look good. Even the PlayStation 4 version compares to the E3 [2012 build] pretty good. There are resolution differences, one or two effects which are more dedicated to high-end PCs. But in the end I think it’s pretty fricking close."

Here’s the video:

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