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Warner chooses download for new release

Warner Bros. has chosen to release its next major film adaptation via download rather than boxed product.

The tie-in for Watchmen will be available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in at least two episodes, the publisher has announced.

Watchmen (logo pictured) is based on a DC Comics franchise and is due for a cinema release in March 2009 – the same time the first episode will be made available online via the internet, PSN and Xbox Live.

According to Variety, the firm believes that the approach to market will ensure that the title is neither low quality” or that will get lost at retail”.

"We don’t want a low-quality console game that will get lost at retail," said WBIE senior VP of production and development Samantha Ryan.

"A downloadable game allows us to deliver the experience that fans expect."

Watchmen is being made by Danish developer Deadline Games, and is likely to earn an M rating.

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