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Warren’s Epic journey

Warren Spector’s journey from adult game Deus Ex to Disney has been a long but by no means ardous one.

Back in 2004, Epic Mickey’s creative director left Ion Storm to form his own development house Junction Point Studios. There, he quickly began work on his next project but soon found himself taking an unexpected detour.

I was an independent developer pitching a fantasy game I’ve been wanting to do for 20 years, and only recently has the hardware and technology been up to it,” he says.I was out pitching, and my agent suggested we talk to Disney.

I’m the biggest Disney fan so we went along – even though I was sure they wouldn’t be interested in my ‘sleeping giants and necessary evil’.

To cut a long story short, they weren’t interested in those ideas, but they asked me if I was interested in doing a Mickey game. And I said ‘heck yeah’. They ended up giving me their pitch, and I said ‘I’m in, I’m doing it’. Their ideas were genius.”

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