Widespread Trophy support promised

Though Sony has experienced

a little teething trouble

with its long-awaited 2.40 PS3 firmware update, the excitement about the machine’s new Trophy system continues to build – and Sony has now confirmed that Trophies will eventually be rolled out into every single PS3 title.

Though Super Stardust HD is the only game currently handing out Trophies to gamers, but a number of other developers have already pledged to patch existing and upcoming titles with Trophy functionality.

Now Sony’s Eric Lempel has confirmed that the firm intends for all PS3 games, both those already on the shelf and upcoming titles, to offer Trophies.

Speaking to GameSpy, Lempel stated: We’re working with developers to hit a deadline. It’s not something that we’re trying to force on them, since it eats into their development schedules.

Many of them want to do it. It’s just there’s some additional work on their end; someone has to create art and assets, and we don’t want to interfere with what they’re currently working on. Ultimately, we’ll have trophies for every game, but we didn’t want to force it on them immediately.”

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