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Stupid Fun Club founder discusses hybridising toys and games

Will Wright working on three new games

Will Wright, creator of The Sims and Spore, has revealed that his new company is “aggressively pursuing” the development of three new games.

“We might get up to four or five,” Wright told Venturebeat, adding that the first of the debut titles will be released in 2010.

“I want to stay pretty focused. We have a lot of ideas that we want to do,” he said. “But it’s just three now.”

Wright formed Stupid Fun Club in April after ending a longstanding partnership with EA.

Speaking to The LA Times, meanwhile, Wright revealed that he is working on a toy which he will take to the New York Toy Fair in February 2010 – where he will also give a talk entitled ‘The Evolution of Entertainment: A Toy’s Place’.

However, the creation will “involve video games” and will contain “robotic elements”.

Said Wright: "All of our projects have crossover elements. Even calling it a toy makes it too specific.”

The project will connect to the internet and utilise community elements.

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