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Wireless receiver to solve NES Classic Mini’s biggest problem

Nintendo’s NES Classic Mini has been a big hit. Less well received, however, has been the length of the wires that connect to its controller.

While various workarounds exist, the fact remains that the controller included in the box has a ridiculously short wire, forcing users to sit right up close to their potentially massive flat screen to play the console.

Solutions such as extension leads and adapters for original NES controllers are already in the works, but an alternative is also coming to market that may suit better.

Gizmodo reports that a new NES Classic version of the Retro Receiver Bluetooth adapter is on the way. Not only will it free users from the shackles of the wire, but it will also allow them to use any number of Bluetooth ready controllers with the device, such as the PS4’s DualShock 4 or the Wiimote.

The dongle will at first be released in a $40 bundle alongside a wireless NES controller. Those who buy more than one adapter will be able to use two at the same time for multiplayer, as well.

The NES Classic Mini has been a big hit, and continues to be hard to find on the High Street.

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