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WW2-era CCG Kards secures additional $1.9m investment – with current CCP boss backing former CCP boss

Kards, the promising WW2 collectible card game – think Hearthstone with tanks – has secured additional investment totalling $1.9m, taking its total to date to $5m. The new investment, in developer 1939 Games, comes from Crowberry Capital, Sisu Game Ventures and Hilmar Veigar Petursson – current CEO of Eve Online creator CCP.

That’s no huge surprise, as 1939 Games is run by Ívar Kristjánsson, himself a former CEO of CCP Games. Other investors in the developer include Tencent.

The investment comes just a week after the game’s full launch this week after a year in early access on Steam. There it’s clocked up 100,000 players since launch, with 25,000 DAU over its first weekend. With 6,000 over ‘very positive’ reviews on Steam to date.

The game has a planned single-player campaign to come in June and a mobile version to be available later in Q3 of this year, which will be the real crux of its success.

“This further round of funding is a reflection of the incredible success that KARDS has enjoyed since it first launched into Early Access a year ago.“

It’s surprising that Kards is the first serious effort at a CCG set in the perennially popular WW2 era. Even looking at physical card games, there’s no standout title in the space. Which leaves Kards with a huge potential space.

Ivar Kristjansson of 1939 Games

The team has also be clever in its use of existing artwork, taking actual propaganda art from the period, alongside the kind of images you likely remember from toy soldiers and airfix kids of your childhood (presuming you’re old like me).

“This further round of funding is a reflection of the incredible success that KARDS has enjoyed since it first launched into Early Access a year ago.“ said Ivar Kristjansson, CEO 1939 Games. “This new investment enables us to continue delivering an amazing experience to our loyal fanbase in the form of even more cards and play modes as well as the mobile version that we anticipate to be a real game-changer.”

With card games working well in a mobile format, and WW2 remaining a popular setting in numerous regions, Kards looks set for success. It’s certainly on my ‘must play’ list for yet another lockdown weekend.

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