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XBOX: 2010 a ‘transformation year’ for Xbox

Don Mattick opened today’s Xbox 360 E3 briefing by declaring 2010 a year of ‘transformation’ for Xbox 360.

2010 is the 10th year of Xbox said Mattrick, of the console which actually launched in 2002 but was first unveiled a decade ago.

Mattrick said that the 360, along with motion sensing controller Kinect, will ‘tranform the way you play games and connect to friends and family.’

"This is a year of transformation," he said.

"We are transforming how you play games, connect to friends and family. If you like games, Xbox is the only place you can play all three of the biggest blockbusters in our industry: Halo, Gears of War and Call of Duty."

He said Xbox Live will also continue to drive changes in the home saying "Xbox Live will change the way you watch movies, listen to music and connect to friends".

He added that Kinect is ‘unlike anyhting you’ve ever experienced’.

As part of the briefing, Microsoft announced first-pass exclusivity on CoD downloadable content, and touted Kojima’s next Metal Gear game, amongst others.

Then MGS Studios boss Phil Spencer took to the stage to declare 2010 the ‘biggest year ever’ for Xbox – a regular adage Microsoft execs have rolled out this year.

He elaborated: "We’re passionate about delivering and investing in blockbuster games."

Later on during the presentation, Kinect creative director Kudo Tsunoda added: "[A year ago] we made a promise that Kinect would offer new experiences – and today we deliver on that."

He said Kinect represents "entertainment everyone can enjoy no matter your age or experience playing games. Everyone can jump in and play".

He added: "We allow you to play however you want to play. Just be yourself and do what comes naturally. These are experiences that are truly social."

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