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XBOX: Forza 4 gets Kinect support

Microsoft has confirmed at today’s E3 press conference that Forza 3 will get support for Kinect; the 360 motion controller formerly know as Natal.

The title stands out as a ‘non-casual’ Kinect release, in stark contrast family-friendly games such as Kinectimals, Kinect Adventure, Kinect Sports and Joyride.

While it has not be confirmed, Kinect-support will presumably be added to to the Turn 10-developed game with an update.

Players will be able to play the critically acclaimed racer simply by miming holding a steering wheel, as demonstarted at the press conference.

UPDATE: It was unclear at the time of writing if the game shown was an update to Forza 3 or a brand new game. We now know for sure that it was indeed Forza 4.

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