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Support for full-body motion-tracking suit MVN comes via partnership with animation tech firm IKinema

Xsens adds mo-cap tech to Unreal Engine 4

Motion-tracking specialist Xsens has brought support for its MVN suit to Unreal Engine 4.

The firm has teamed up with Epic and animation tech provider IKinema to allow devs to integrate the fully-body motion-capture apparel into Unreal.

Movement is recorded, before being translated into the engine using IKinema’s LiveAction.

MVN previously announced compatibility with Unity, as well as Autodesk’s 3ds Max and Maya.

Xsens will show off the tech as part of Unreal’s GDC keynote, combining with Manus VR’s motion-tracking gloves and Cubic Motion for finger and hand and facial capture, respectively.

“Today’s announcement of the live integration of Xsens MVN with Unreal Engine 4 is another step to enable our users to focus on the creative process rather than the technical integration,” said Xsens product manager Hein Beute.

“The new technology alliance will enable many new real-time applications that require realistic human-like character animations and beautiful graphics.”

EDIT: Develop was originally informed that Faceware would be demonstrating its facial capture tech alongside Xsens’ MVN during Epic’s GDC keynote. It has since been told that the facial capture will instead be provided by Cubic Motion. The above text has been rectified in line with this new information.

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